About Cylka

At CYLKA, we are in a mission to aid the non-profit sector (government and NGOs) with an impactful yet innovative communication approach, where we bridge the gap between the strategic vision and the operational efforts.

Since our establishment as a boutique communication agency in 2013, we committed to serve our  clients in the GCC region with practical solutions of government communication and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

In line with our expertise of managing CSR programs, we also run our own initiative FILS PLANET which aims to raise a financially educated young generation in the UAE and in the wider GCC region.

CYLKA’s logo

CYLKA’s logo is simply represents our identity. While we starts our brand name with the Orange “C” letter we emphasize on the the uniqueness of our approach which you will be experiencing from the early beginning. It’s also reflect our core services, the Communication and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Saad Al Rubaiaan- Managing Partner

Saad Al Rubaiaan brings a wide experience in various areas of communication and social entrepreneurship. He has previously worked in the General Secretariat of the Cabinet and private sector organizations. He led a number of commercial and social projects including most recently launching and heading the Kuwaiti Business Council in Dubai. Al Rubaiaan holds a bachelor’s degree in communication and public relations from the University of Sharjah and a diploma in entrepreneurship from the Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy. He is also a member at the Charted Institute of Public Relations in UK (CIPR).

Arwa Al Qassim- Founding Partner

Arwa Al Qassim has a broad expertise in various cultural and government areas. She has worked as a researcher, specialist and project manager in several government initiatives in Dubai and beyond. She has also participated in designing an initiative to teach life skills in the UAE schools besides partaking in launching a number of commercial ventures. Al Qassim holds an BSc degree from the American University of Sharjah (AUS) and MSc degree from UK’s SOAS. She is also a graduate of UAE Government Leaders Program.

Mona Arif – Senior Project Coordinator

Mona Arif joined the CYLKA team with a background in international NGOs and federal government. Throughout her time as a researcher at the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, she participated in the development of the UAE’s first youth empowerment strategy, working closely with youth volunteers and local and international youth experts to create a series of evidence-based research papers on key youth themes. Arif holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the American University of Sharjah (AUS) and a Master of Arts in Near and Middle Eastern Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

CYLKA’s dedicated team also includes a number of bilingual project managers, consultants and trainers who bring their in-depth expertise to the various projects. In addition, we work in collaboration with a number of strategic partners who provide us with additional services that complement our team’s work including research and studies, editing, design, media monitoring among many others.

How we do it

The implementation period for each project we supervise can go from 3 months to one year or more, depending on the scope of services and work required. However, each project will undergo through the following phases:

  • Assessment of the current situation

    At this phase, the current status is assessed by holding several meetings with the concerned teams and reviewing all related written and online materials to ensure a thorough understanding on both communication and institutional aspects.

  • Designing solutions

    Building on the results highlighted by the initial assessment of the current situation, several communication solutions and recommendations will be proposed. These recommendations will include systems, training programs, initiatives, campaigns and media plans among many others and will take into account the current status and the objectives through benchmarking with best practices in this area.

  • Practical Testing

    At this stage, the suggested recommendations will be tested by applying them on a limited scope to measure their effectiveness and evaluate audience response besides assessing the team’s preparedness to run these solutions, then suggesting recommendations for further development.

  • Communication and implementation

    At this step, recommendations are implemented at a wider scope with a regular evaluation.

  • Evaluation

    This includes an overall evaluation of audience (internal/ and external) response and interaction with the communication solutions and recommendations applied.